Using survey responses from one of the largest and most comprehensive studies ever done on the subject at the time, Dr. Fernandez was one of the first researchers to demonstrate that the conflicts employees have between work and family hinder overall corporate productivity. This book explains what employers can do to solve this pressing concern. 

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Child Care and Corporate Productivity


Survival in the corporate fishbowl

Hard-hitting, uncompromising, and realistic, Survival in the Corporate Fishbowl pays particular attention to special problems and opportunities now facing women and minorities, and provides the tools and information needed to bypass many of the obstacles to advancement.

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Black Managers in White Corporations

Human Resource Forecasting 

Managing a diverse work Force

A collection of articles by leading practitioners and researchers, this volume examines methods for human resource forecasting to meet the strategic needs of organizations. Edited by Dr. Fernandez, along with Emily Bassman and Manuel London, these writings address the need to formulate human resource strategies that recognize changes both in the organization and in the environment in which it operates.

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The Diversity advantage

and strategy development

care in corporate america

Race, Gender & Rhetoric

Dr. John P. Fernandez

The politics and reality of family 

Racism and sexism in corporate life


Dr. Fernandez presents hard data and proposes real solutions that corporate executives, government officials, family-care providers, social agencies, and educators can use to solve one of the most pressing problems companies and their employees will face in the years ahead.

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Race, Gender & Rhetoric is corporate America's definitive work on the subject for gender and race relations in the workplace. This timely and authoritative book discusses ways in which corporations can examine their structures, policies, managerial philosophies, and capabilities so that real and permanent change can be made.

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By presenting the compelling link between diversity, team building, and high-quality products, The Diversity Advantage explains how corporations in the United State can improve their organizational effectiveness, and how foreign businesses can begin to work with a heterogeneous mix of employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. 

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Racism and Sexism in Corporate Life calls for an end to "managerial cloning" and its attendant internal conflicts. It shows how to take advantage of fresh talent by channeling the new generation's creativity, honesty, and individuality to productive ends. ​

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Black Managers in White Corporations ​is the first study of the effects of corporate racism on the careers of black managers. This book includes interviews with over 250 black and white managers, managerial statistical profiles of 8 major corporations, and short vignettes that portray what this data really means in terms of the career opportunities, aspirations, and work environments of black and white managers. 

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Coming January 2014!

In today’s diverse and constantly changing world, excellent leaders are rare. With daily news stories about greedy, selfish, and shortsighted leaders, it seems many of our organizations and societies lack the proper guidance to move forward. Leading in a Diverse & Conflicted World looks at the reasons for this lack of quality leadership and provides solutions that balance our natural, innate desires around leadership with the rapid changes occurring in populations, communications, business models, and employment practices. Dr. John P. Fernandez shows how organizations that hire and value diverse employees will gain a competitive advantage in our interconnected world. This book equips readers with solid steps to lead their organizations, and their societies, toward better futures.

"Dr. Fernandez combines solid original research and extensive management and consulting experience to present urgent problems of the 21st century workplace. Fernandez not only details the difficult hurdles leaders face today, but he also offers concrete and creative solutions. If you are going to read a book on leadership this should be at the top of your list." 
​– Dr. Herman Hawthorne
Professor of Diversity Management at Carleton University


Through a survey of over fifty thousand managers and employees, Managing a Diverse Work Force documents how racist, sexist, ethnocentric, and other destructive attitudes are still alive and well on shop floors and in boardrooms across America. 

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